April 2020 New Features release!

We are constantly working to improve Arrow PSA by creating new features that make the user experience more sensible for our clients. Included in the following updates are additions we created to lesson the repetition of data entry in common tasks, and allow individual end users to save preferences and settings they would otherwise have to repeat.

As always, please reach out to us if you have questions about these new features.

  • Add and edit your project tasks using the Kanban board.
  • Previously applied filters and preferences from the user will be used when returning to the Resource Manager.save filter view resource manager
  • Timesheets now has the ability to opt to prevent Time Entry on Summary Tasks.
  • With the Arrow Checklist Component, users can now add, remove, and reorder checklist items from Project Task Assignments.
  • Additionally, within the Arrow Checklist Component there is an option to save and apply saved Checklist Templates for items frequently used.

April 2020 New Features

And we stay on top of any technical bugs that arise.

  1. Quick Time Entry shows invalid pattern on entry – Fixed √
  2. Billing rate detail creation causes timeout – Fixed √

To learn more about Professional Services Automation with Arrow PSA, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a live demo and consultation. Nothing replaces the value of a live demonstration with one of our experts.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates like our April 2020 New Features release.

With Arrow PSA Software, you can:

  • Gain financial control and profitability with one, comprehensive, integrative platform
  • Achieve better visibility of your organization, and a better understanding of your team’s productivity
  • Drive your organization’s operational efficiency with powerful resource management capabilities
  • Generate, in real-time, the insights you need to run your organization, and plan for the future

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