professional servicesManual processes can be time-consuming and annoying for many businesses, but for professional service providers, they can be downright debilitating. From slow project management workflows to delayed billing and invoicing, manual tasks hit professional services firms where it hurts most.

In the United States, small businesses lose nearly 5 percent of the workweek because of manual processes, according to a recent Sage report. Overall, organizations spend 17 percent of their total available manpower on these kinds of administrative tasks each year. The study concluded that leveraging software to automate these arduous processes can reduce operating costs, increase productivity and provide employees with more time to focus on strategic projects and initiatives.

Professional services automation is to the solution to these manual and administrative task woes, and Arrow PSA is the very best software suite available. Even if businesses are already using PSA software in some fashion, a switch to Arrow can benefit them immensely.

Streamline invoicing with professional services automation

For all the hard work professional services firms put into their accounts, they may overlook a critical component to their client relationships: quick invoicing. According to Wakefield Research, 69 percent of small businesses rely on spreadsheets to track their invoices. Such manual processes prevent organizations from getting paid on time for the services they provide. Outstanding invoices may fall through the cracks without any late payment fines being assessed. Simply put, using Excel or other spreadsheets for invoicing and billing, businesses are very likely leaving money on the table.

Arrow PSA provides streamlined billing options to automatically send invoices on time, follow up on outstanding payments and escalate nonpayment issues when needed. Arrow also features multiple billing options to meet whatever revenue collection model your organization uses.

Never miss another payment from your clients because an invoice was lost, missent or simply forgotten.

Maximize employee productivity with time management tools

Regardless of the size or scale of your business, it can be difficult to keep track of how much time your employees spend on various tasks. For professional services firms that charge clients by the hour, time is money. If anything is left unaccounted for, these organizations are missing out on billable activity and, ultimately, lost revenue.

Arrow PSA features a simple and intuitive interface so employees can quickly and easily record the amount of time they spend tackling specific tasks.

Furthermore, Arrow tracks both billable and non-billable hours devoted to specific projects, clients and internal work, giving businesses the insight needed to determine how much time is being devoted to tasks that provide little to no tangible ROI.


“Keep everyone on the same page at all times.”


Monitor ongoing work with project management tools

Professional services firms often work on a project-by-project basis, and efficient workflows are essential to quickly and effectively completing one job before moving on to another. That’s easier said than done on larger projects featuring multiple phases, complex processes and numerous stakeholders.

Arrow PSA includes the project management features you need to stay on top of jobs, assign tasks to the right personnel, track progress and ensure that work is completed on time. The easy-to-use dashboard and interface lets users quickly add status updates and keep everyone on the same page at all times.

There are a lot of tasks for professional services firms to juggle each and every day. Arrow PSA provides a comprehensive platform to manage those tasks, automate processes and maximize business profitability.