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Schedule Batch Integration(s)

For objects that require batch integration you can schedule jobs leveraging the Accord Sync scheduling interface. Each object can have multiple jobs that are scheduled, and each job can be scheduled at different times.

The order that data is sent to and from Salesforce leveraging scheduled jobs is critical. If related records don’t exist in either system the integration of the related information will fail. For example, before Invoices can be sent to QuickBooks the Customers must be created. So, a job for Customers must be scheduled before a job for Invoices is created.

QuickBooks Online to Salesforce Batch Integration

  1. Navigate to the Accord Admin tab in Accord Sync app. Click on the Sync tab and select the direction of the sync that will be scheduled.
  2. Click the Schedule Sync button to open the job scheduler.

  3. Select the QuickBooks Company that the sync will be scheduled for.
  4. Select the QuickBooks Objects that will be synced from QuickBooks Online to Salesforce, and set the order that the selected Objects will be synced when the scheduled job runs.

  5. Define the scheduled times that the job should automatically run to sync the selected objects between QuickBooks and Salesforce.

    Minute: The minute(s) of the hour(s) that are selected when the sync will run.
    Hour: The hour(s) of the day(s) that the sync will run.
    Month: The Month(s) that the job should run. (Typically this is Every Month)
    Day of the Week or Day of the Month: You may select either a day of the week or a day of the month that the integration should run, but you cannot select both a day of the week and a day of the month. For the option that won’t be used select “None”.

  6. Click Schedule.

View Scheduled Jobs

  1. From the Setup menu navigate to Environments > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs.
  2. The jobs that have been scheduled will indicate that they are to or from QuickBooks in the view of All Scheduled Jobs.

Next Step

Next Step
If you are using realt-time integration: Setup Real-Time Integration from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online

If not, then your integration has been completed between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. Continue to monitor the sync and manage errors that appear.

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