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Setup Real-Time Integration from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online

Accord Sync allows you to define when records are sent from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online by leveraging Salesforce process builders, flows, and triggers. The primary method for triggering a sync is to create a QBO Sync record in Salesforce — this simple method initiates a message to be sent from Salesforce to QuickBooks immediately.

Real-time integration from QuickBooks to Salesforce is handled by Webhooks. If Webhooks have been setup for your integration and have been enabled for each QuickBooks object then real-time integration is already setup for records being sent from QuickBooks to Salesforce.

Setting Up a Single Record Sync with Process Builder

  1. From the Setup menu navigate to Process Automation > Process Builder.
  2. Click New to begin creating a new process.
  3. Enter the information for the new process that is being created.

    Process Name: Opportunity to Invoice Process
    API Name: Opportunity_to_Invoice_Process
    Description: Send invoices to QuickBooks from Salesforce Opportunities.
    The process starts when: A record changes

  4. Click Save.
  5. Create a new Process Builder that publishes an action based on when data should be sent from Salesforce to QuickBooks Online.
    • Click Add Object and selet the object that will initiate the action and is responsible for sending data to QuickBooks Online.

      Object: Select the object that will initiate the publish action
      Start the process: When a record is created or edited

      Click Save.
    • Click Add Criteria and define the criteria for when the record should be sent from Salesforce to QuickBooks.

      Criteria Name: Publish Data to QBO
      Criteria Execution Actions: What type of criteria you will be defining.
      Conditions / Formula: The specific conditions that must be TRUE for the action to fire.

      Click Save.
    • For the Branch that was create click Add Action to define the publish/update action for the object that is being sent to QuickBooks Online.

      Action Type: Create a Record
      Action Name: Publish Update
      Record Type: QBO Sync

      Set the Field Values for the sync.

      Id – Type Field Reference: Select the Id of the record that is being synced / initiated the flow.
      Platform – Type String: Salesforce
      QB Company Id – Type String: The QB Company Id that the data is being sent to.
      Type – Type String: Enter the name of the type of the record that is being created.

      Click Save,
    • Continue adding actions or additional criteria depending on your requirements for when data should be updated or synced to QuickBooks Online from Salesforce. Once the process is completed click the Activate button.

Next Step
If you are using batch integration: Schedule Batch Integration(s)

If not, then your integration has been completed between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. Continue to monitor the sync and manage errors that appear.

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