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Accord Sync Success/Error Logs

Review Accord Sync Logs to determine which transaction loaded successfully and which transactions failed. For record that faile the error log gives you the relevant information for resolving the error and allows you to reprocess records either individually or in bulk.

Review and Manage Logs

  1. Navigate to the Accord Log Viewer tab in Accord Sync app.
  2. The Log Viewer displays all of the success and error records thatare in the system. For records that failed during the system the log displays the relevant information for the type of record and what caused the failure.

Log NumberThe ID of the log record in Salesforce.
Entity NameThe object that was being integrated between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce.
TypeThe direction of the integration for the record that failed.
DateThe date and time that the failure or success occurred.
StatusThe Status of the record.
ReprocessedIf the record was reprocessed.
MessageThe error or success message that was received when the record was synced.

Reprocess Records

After an error is updated in the system records that errored in the system and have not been reprocessed.

  1. Navigate to the Accord Log Viewer tab in Accord Sync app.
  2. Select Error as the Filter and enter a date range for the error records that you would like to see. Click Refresh,
  1. In the Log click the checkbox next to each record that should be reprocessed for sync.
  2. Click Re-Process Selected Logs at the bottom of the page.

  3. After the records are reprocessed the system will update the log record to show that it has been reprocessed and the record will be removed from the Accord Log Viewer. The system will create a new log record for the reprocessed record displaying either the a successful sync or the new error that was received. To view the new logs click the Refresh button to update the Accord Logs.

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